K/W Newborn Photographer {Nathan}

Newborn photography is a special genre that requires patience, creativity, and expertise. As a Guelph-based photography studio, Azure Photography specializes in capturing the beauty of newborns in their first few weeks of life. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing an 11 day old chunky baby boy with a lot of hair. I was so delighted with the results!

When Nathan’s family arrived at the studio, I greeted them with a warm welcome and ensured that they felt comfortable and at ease. Nathan was fast asleep, so I started by capturing some peaceful and serene images. I placed him on a soft and cozy blanket and used beautiful light to capture his delicate features.

We then moved on to capturing some family portraits, showcasing the loving bond between the parents and their precious little one. I loved seeing the way they interacted with their baby and how they lit up with joy and happiness when holding him.

Throughout the session, I used a variety of poses, backdrops, and props to create a set of images that helped truly capture the perfection of this baby boy. His relaxed and peaceful demeanor, combined with his full head of hair, made for a truly captivating and heartwarming session.

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in Guelph, Ontario, look no further than Azure Photography!!

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Props from Lily Bear Photography Props

Fabrics from Little Bird Photography Props